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Curriculum Intent

What does our curriculum look like and why? (Intent)

At Kingswood Primary School, our curriculum has been carefully designed:


  • to build knowledge and inspire enthusiasm for learning
  • to encourage children to work with purpose including supporting well-being and happiness
  • to ensure achievement and success for all


Our Kingswood Values of Determination, Kindness, Independence, Friendship, Enthusiasm and Respect promote positive attitudes, which reflect the values and skills needed for learning and future success. These pervade all aspects of school life.


We aim to bring learning to life, both indoors and out, with an emphasis on engaging and purposeful learning which allows children to develop knowledge and skills across a range of subjects. Children secure firm foundations in reading (a crucial component of our curriculum), writing and maths, which then underpins other areas of the curriculum. Our cross-curricular approach enables our children to make meaningful links in their learning.


We celebrate our own special school identity by exploiting the opportunities provided by our outdoor areas. We have developed a rich and varied menu of enrichment opportunities to deepen learning and recognise individuality. Physical well-being has a high profile and children of all abilities participate regularly in a range of physical activities.


Due to our local Surrey context as a small village primary school, we strive to ensure that our children are exposed to global issues and positively encounter the multicultural world in which they live. Our curriculum enables us to build strong relationships, celebrate diversity and encourage respect.


The curriculum provides and acknowledges success for all children, including those with SEND and social disadvantages, in all aspects of their development and it recognises, encourages and celebrates all types of talent.


Children leave Kingswood Primary School with having developed the confidence and skills needed to be learners for life.