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Lockdown Quotes

Some feedback from parents about how the school handled the lock down, remote learning and starting back at Kingswood in September 2020


''I just wanted to send an email to thank you and all the staff at KPS for your recent efforts. You have been tirelessly welcoming X throughout lockdown and have made her return to year 1 smooth and as fun as it can be in these unusual circumstances.  

I know how challenging it has been trying to work with the new bubble system, keep children and staff safe and provide learning for children at home whilst teaching at school and I think you're all doing an amazing job.

Parents in the year 1 whatsapp group have been really complimentary too. 

I was really impressed by your recent messages regarding trying to return other year groups to school whilst dealing with the increase in key worker numbers.'' 


''I would like to take the opportunity to echo the feedback you've had from other parents praising all the strategies you've put in place as a school, to enable the children to return safely whilst maintaining such a lovely welcoming and enjoyable learning environment for them too.

The amount of work, dedication and planning you and the rest of the staff must have put into achieving this is quite apparent, so a huge thank you to all of you for this also.'' 


''I just want to say how amazing you and the team at KPS have done with the new school set up. You and your staff by far are amazing! I was very anxious about sending X back to school, as so was X, but this week she’s  been so happy and has come home telling me how great it is.

I have all the faith in you and the staff at KPS and thanks to you and your team its made me feel so relaxed about X being at school during this pandemic.''


''We had a very wobbly morning with X and I was worried all day, but to see her come out beaming was so lovely. Just shows what amazing staff there is at Kingswood. 

I really do appreciate all the effort you are going to. You have done an amazing job today to turn this around and ensure sure school is still a happy place to be.''


''All of the children were apprehensive following the extended time at home with their families but all came out with smiles on their faces and all enjoyed their first day back. 

Well done Kingswood for making our children feel comfortable in strange times and for all the organisation to keep the parents informed of the plans.''


''I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the welcome for the children this morning. It was so reassuring to see you outside welcoming them, Mrs Day and her bubble machine was popular with X too!Thank you to all the staff at Kingswood for working so hard to make sure the children are happy.''