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Welcome to Kingswood Primary School




Welcome to Kingswood Primary School. We are a one-form entry primary school situated on a large and beautiful site in Surrey. Here at Kingswood we are passionate about creating a place of learning which is populated with curious, confident, involved and independent learners for life.


We believe that when learners are curious they ask questions about the world around them and learning becomes a part of their whole life; beyond the walls of the classroom and the school gate. Curiosity builds a love of learning and a drive to discover answers for themselves. Our children love learning and so do our staff. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and full of exciting learning opportunities and our children are encouraged and supported to achieve their very best. We maintain an environment where high standards go hand in hand with excellent behaviour.


Our children are kind, respectful and an absolute pleasure to teach. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and we work hard to create a learning environment where everyone is happy, well-motivated and healthy. We feel passionately that children learn the importance of leading healthy lifestyles and the impact that this has on their mental well-being. We celebrate diversity and teach our children that equality, tolerance and respect are crucial foundations for their education, their future and for the wider community.

We value highly our partnerships with parents and carers and understand the shared role that we have in supporting children to achieve, truly flourish and be an inspiration to others. Our parents can see that each child is recognised as an individual and their journey with us is bespoke to individual uniqueness. As a parent myself I understand the importance for home and school to have a shared view of a child's learning experience, and we welcome parental insight in how we can continue to grow and develop our school.

All the staff, children and governors are extremely proud of Kingswood Primary and we warmly welcome visits to our school. So if you would like to find out more about us, please contact the school and make a convenient appointment; we will be delighted to give you a comprehensive tour where you can see for yourself what we have to offer your children.

Andy Powell, Head Teacher