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New Junior Parents

A number of children join Kingswood when they are in the Juniors. Below are a few comments written by parents about their children joining the school.


'My son joined Kingswood Primary School not knowing any times tables, struggled with handwriting and never came home from school remembering what he had learnt. Since joining Kingswood, he knows his 2,5,10,11,3 and almost 6 times tables. He has improved his handwriting two fold and enjoys telling us all about the things he has learnt at school. He has massively improved in all areas of his academic subjects and his willingness and enjoyment to learn.'


'Kingswood has made a tremendous difference to her. She has grown in confidence with her reading. She is now proud to read. Reading was always a battle. '


Prior to joining Kingswood, my daughter  found maths incredibly difficult and we would struggle to get her to go in to schools on the days she knew she had maths, she was working below the national average. Now, however, thanks to the teachers, their ability to see her struggles and the support they have given her, she is excelling in her timetables and she goes in to school every morning with a skip in her step and is actually excited by maths!


'The biggest difference has been the level/standard of education is much higher at Kingswood than his previous school. KPS quickly identified that he was struggling in some areas and have put interventions in place - the change in his reading, attitude to learning has been amazing - we cannot thank you enough for this and are very grateful.'


'Kingswood has totally transformed our daughter. We feel that she is monitored closely and steps are put in place to assist her if needed. The encouragement she gets is fabulous.'


'He is really enjoying being at Kingswood and the opportunities it has opened up for him.'


'She loves it! Her anxiety about school has disappeared totally! She is excited to come to school daily rather than having bellyaches every morning.'


'We are extremely grateful to all the staff and Kingswood for taking the time to get to know our son and for making is transition smooth and enjoyable.'