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School Development Plan

The Leadership and Governors of Kingswood Primary School have identified five main priorities that the school will focus on over the academic year 2023 - 2024:


Reading - To further develop consistency in the teaching of reading so that all children make excellent progress from phonics and early reading through their journey to Year 6.


Our aim is for all children to develop an excellent foundation in their reading through our delivery of phonics from their first year with us at the school. From this early reading will develop and we aim for all children to become independent readers who can read for purpose and pleasure. 


Instruction - To further develop the quality of instruction so that all children consistently receive opportunities for review, practice, recall in a systematic and informed way (Walkthru principles & PACE project) – specific focus on Maths.


As a focus for continued professional development across the staff we are exploring a range of teaching strategies to help keep children engaged and develop their deeper learning of our curriculum.


Curriculum & Assessment - To further develop the focus on prior learning and end point assessment so that children make excellent progress.


For many years we have focused on the assessment of core subjects (Maths, English & Science) which allow us to gauge the progress children have made. We now wish to further develop our assessment to include all subjects in the curriculum and clarify the progression of learning from Reception to Year in all subjects. 


Sustainability – To develop all aspects of provision so that they improve the Environmental, Financial & Social sustainability of the school


We aim to consider all aspects of how the school operates to ensure that we are providing the best learning environment for the children and a great place to work for the staff of the school. 


Governor Development – To further develop governance to ensure that the school has clarity in strategic direction, accountability of leadership and robust financial management


Our Governors play a hugely important role in the leadership of the school and support and challenge the Senior Leadership Team of the school. This year we have a new Chair of Governors and working alongside the SLT we will be further developing this vital role in ensuring the school is well-led in to the future.


The document below outlines the school's priorities and vision for each area.


School Development Plan 2023 - 2024